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Do I need a house survey to buy a house?

If you are buying a second-hand home, the quick answer is yes.


Think of it this way. If you were buying a second-hand car for €300,000 or €400,000, would you hire a mechanic to come and check it out first? Of course, you would!

The mechanic will know all of the most common issues to look out for and will be able to identify if the car has been properly maintained. Even if it is shiny and red and sexy on the outside, the engine may be run into the ground and on the way out.


When it comes to second-hand property sales in Ireland, there is zero buyer protection. Once the contract is signed and the keys are handed over, the property and all of its flaws are yours. If the house fell down the next week, you would have no comeback to the person who sold it to you.


Just like a mechanic is an expert on everything to do with a car, a surveyor is an expert on everything to do with a property, including the building, maintenance, and fixing. Even if there are just a few small issues with the property, you need an expert to check these out and give you peace of mind. 

Do I need a house survey or a snag list? 

This is a really common question, especially for first-time buyers. The quick answer is; If you are buying a new build, you need a snag list and if you are buying a second-hand home, you need a house survey.


What's the difference?


Snag List: New Builds

With a snag list, the surveyor is "snagging" the new home to ensure everything is in good condition and the property meets health and safety standards before the builder hands it over to you. For a new build, the builders will provide certificates of compliance for all of the work which has recently been complete and there is no "wear and tare" on the property.


A snag list, will involve a list of all of the finish issues which the builder had missed along with a comment on any health and safety conditions not met (e.g. no vents, windows not opening fully, etc.)


House Survey: Second Hand Properties

In addition to finish issues and health and safety issues, when it comes to a second-hand home, the home has been lived in, and depending on how well it was looked after by previous owners will be in various conditions throughout. A surveyor is an expert on the build, maintenance, and repair of residential properties and will know exactly what to look for so they can compline a report on the overall condition of the property.


As older properties may not have certificates of compliance and may have been altered since the original build, the surveyor will also be able to advise if you should engage an electrician, plumber, etc.

  • How much does a Home Buyer Survey Report Cost? offer Level 2 Home Buyer Survey reports at a set price of only £599 including VAT. For more in depth surveys offer Level 3 Full Building Survey reports for £899 including VAT.
  • How much does a house survey cost? offer Level 2 Home Buyer Survey reports at a set price of only £599 including VAT. For more in depth surveys offer Level 3 Full Building Survey reports for £899 including VAT.
  • How much does full structural survey cost in the UK? offer Level 2 Home Buyer Survey reports at a set price of only £599 including VAT. For more in depth surveys offer Level 3 Full Building Survey reports for £899 including VAT. For properties in reasonable condition also offer a Level 1 Condition Report for the £399 including VAT.
  • How much does a building survey cost? offer Level 2 Home Buyer Survey reports at a set price of only £599 including VAT. For more in depth surveys offer Level 3 Full Building Survey reports for £899 including VAT.
  • How much is a structural survey in the UK? offer Level 2 Home Buyer Survey reports at a set price of only £599 including VAT. For more in depth surveys offer Level 3 Full Building Survey reports for £899 including VAT.
  • What is a House Survey?
    A House Survey (sometimes called Home Buyer Report, pre-purchase survey, building survey, structural survey etc.) is a visual inspection of the current condition of the property. At all our buying a house surveys are carried out by qualified surveyors and we give you and your bank a great overview of the condition of the property, and indicate how much work will be needed. A house survey is usually a re-requisite for mortgage approval from your bank or financial institute.
  • What is in a Survey?
    A Structural survey report is a: ​Report on the Condition of Property ​Details all Structural and Finish Issues May include Comments on Planning Matters and Conditions of Boundaries A Comprehensive Report prepared by Experienced and Qualified Surveyors
  • How does the Get House Survey Process Work?
    Once you complete the online form at, then we take care of everything else. 1: find the next available surveyor in your area (remember all of our surveyors have 10 years experience, registered with a governing body and have full professional indemnity insurance.) 2: Our surveyor contacts the estate agent (or private seller) to arrange access to the property. Once this is done they'll update you via email. 3: Our surveyor visits the property, conducts the survey and then within 2 business days will email you the completed document and send you a copy of the report. 4: The Completed Report is delivered to you by email and you are 1 step closer to your new home.
  • Are your Surveyors Qualified?
    Yes. All of our surveyors have at least 10 years experience, are registered chartered surveyors with the Royal Instituition of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and hold professional indemnity insurance.
  • What if I have Questions about my Survey?
    Then is here for you. You will have the direct email and phone number of your surveyor who conducted your survey and they are available to take calls or answer any questions you may have by email.
  • Will the Survey meet my Bank's needs to get a Mortgage?
    Yes. Our surveys are specifically design for pre purchase needs and meet the requirements of all banks and financial instituitions in England and Wales.
  • Where do you Cover? currently covers all counties in Northern Ireland GetHouseSurvey plans to offer services throughout the rest of the UK in 2022.
  • What Type of Report do I need for a Second Hand House / Property?
    The Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report is ideal for anyone looking to buy a second hand property. Whether it is for peace of mind or mortgage approval, this report will meet your needs.
  • What Type of Report do I need for a New House / Property?
    A Level 1 Condition Report is more appropriate for a new build. can provide an experienced and qualified surveyor to conduct a survey on your property for £399 including VAT.
  • Do your Surveyors carry Professional Idemnity (PI) Insurance?
    All Surveyors are fully qualified, with at least 10 years expereince and carry their own professional indemnity (PI) insurance.
  • What if I find problems after I move into my new home?
    A structural survey is not a guarantee that problems won’t develop after you move in. However, if you believe that a problem was already visible at the time of the survey and should have been mentioned in the report, your first step should be to call and meet with the engineer to clarify the situation. Misunderstandings are often resolved in this manner. All surveyors we work with carry professional indemnity liability insurance. The minimum amount of insurance coverage should cover the cost of re-instating your house if the surveyor misses something that he should have reported on.
  • Who arranges a house survey?
    With Get House Survey we take the hassle out of it and arrange the survey for you. Once you sign up, we'll assign a surveyor who will then contact the real estate agent (or private seller) to arrange access and conduct the survey on your behalf.
  • How do I find a surveyor near me?
    Simple visit and we will assign a local surveyor from our panel to conduct your survey and get the final report back to you ASAP.
  • What is a HomeBuyer Report?
    A RICS HomeBuyer Report (Also known as the Level 2 RICS Survey) is a survey to identify any issues in a property that could cause damage and need future repairs, such as damp or subsidence. A HomeBuyer Report is recommended when you want something more comprehensive than a RICS Condition Report. It is the market leading and most popular report requested and recommended for properties in reasonable condition. The HomeBuyer Report will include a review of all major elements of a property that are visible and accessible to the surveyor. However a surveyor will not lift up floors, carpets move furniture or do intrusive investigations. Not every single aspect of the building will be reviewed, but it can reveal issues that might impact the value of the property and need further investigation. If you plan to implement major renovations then we recommend you choose the even more comprehensive Building Survey (also known as a Level 3 Survey) instead of the Homebuyer Report. The HomeBuyer Report is written in plain English, without jargon and utilises a traffic light system to highlight areas of concern.
  • What is a Condition Report?
    A RICS Condition Report is the most basic survey and the lowest in terms of cost. Condition Reports are succinct and do not generally include advice on repairs or ongoing maintenance and so are better suited to conventionally built, modern dwellings that are in reasonable condition. The Condition Report focuses on the condition of the property by setting out the following: - A Clear ‘traffic light’ ratings of the condition of different parts of the building, services, garage and outbuildings, highlighting problems that may require varying degrees of attention - A summary of the risks to the condition of the building. - Advice on replacement parts guarantees, planning and control matters for your legal advisers - An RICS Condition Report does not include a valuation
  • What is a Full Building Survey Report?
    An RICS Full Building Survey Report (also known as a Level 3 Report) is the most comprehensive and in-depth type of survey. It provides the buyer with a detailed analysis of the properties condition and involves thoroughly inspecting the property and reporting on issues, summarising defects and potential problems. It offers advice on repair options, the costs involved and what might happen if they aren’t repaired. It's the best choice for larger, older, unusual or listed properties as well as those that need renovations or change of use, such as a barn conversion, that require more detailed attention in the report.
  • What is in a Home Buyer Report Inspection?
    In simple terms a surveyor will inspect the inside and outside of the main building and all permanent outbuildings, but they do do not force or open up the fabric. A surveyor will also inspect the parts of the electricity, gas/oil, water, heating and drainage services that can be seen, but we do not test them. To help describe the overall condition of the home, the surveyor will give condition ratings to the main parts (the ‘elements’) of the building, garage and some parts outside. Ratings, as outlined below, follow the traffic light system to make it easy to interpret and understand. The report covers matters that, in the surveyor’s opinion, need to be dealt with or may affect the value of the property.
  • Is a Property Survey Worth the Cost?
    Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make and yet many consumers are so blind to the facts. Serious faults are difficult to identify and costly to repair. By not being aware of them, consumers are risking a potential home buying time bomb. This can cause extreme stress and financial strain on homeowners who are often stuck with a property they no longer want but cannot sell.
  • Why Choose an RICS Surveyor?
    All our surveyors are RICS registered. RICS surveyors must also follow a clear set of best practices to ensure they provide an exceptional service and work to the highest industry standards. As part of this, all RICS members regularly update their skills and knowledge through professional career-long development to make sure you always receive the best possible service. As a added condition, we require all our RICS surveyors to carry their own PI insurance and have at least 10 years experience. We offer fixed price reports with no hidden charges. We arrange everything. No hassle.
  • Do I need a HomeBuyer Survey?
    Homebuyer Survey Reports are the best way to avoid unexpected repair costs after you move in. ​ The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) estimate that home owners that bought a house without a homebuyer report spent an average of £5,750 after they move in on repairs. Prior knowledge of any major defects can be used to negotiate with the seller prior to completing the purchase. ​ Legally you are not required to have a HomeBuyer Survey, but whether you are buying for cash or drawing down a mortgage, it is best to know what repairs may be required in the near future.
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