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6 Handy DIY Tricks for New Home Owners

1. Prevent Condensation

Condensation is the nemesis of the homeowner. It can cause a number of unseen horrors to your home, but there is plenty of tips that can help stop it before it starts including:

  • Don’t overfill cupboard spaces

  • Don’t push furniture right up against the walls

  • Install trickle vents in your windows

If the situation gets worse however, then we recommend that the best course of action is to seek out a professional.

2. Fix Creaky Floorboards

Creaky floors are an absolute pain, but fortunately there is a simple way to stop this – wood screws! Pick up a few from your local DIY store and get to work. Before long you will have floors quieter than the library.

3. Fix Carpet Indentations

Don’t you just hate it when you move the furniture around and there’s a dent left on the carpet. It is not what you want at all. Well instead of pulling your hair out and buying a new one, just place ice cubes on the damaged area and watch the dents (and the ice) magically disappear!

4. Make your New Home Easy to Find

Once you have moved into a new home, it can often be difficult for family, friends and even delivery drivers to find your new address. Especially when many houses don’t have obvious numbers. Plus lots of estates have confusing numbering systems, leading to a lot of explanation phone calls and running outside in your dressing gown to wave. Don’t worry, there’s a simple decorating tip that also adds kerb appeal to your property.

House number stickers are perfect for making your new home easy to find. They are super simple to apply and can be easily replaced if you change your mind, unlike more permanent options. When it comes to house number stickers you have a huge range of choices, from lettering to beautiful stained-glass period designs. Finding metal or ceramic numbers for your door that actually suit the style of your house can be expensive and time-consuming. With house numbers on window film, you can customise your door, for a really low-cost, and apply the film yourself. Time saver and money saver, win-win.

5. Add Privacy and Keep your Natural Light

Does your house have big windows in areas you would rather keep private? Maybe your front bay window is right on street level, or maybe the neighbours can see into your bathroom. You might be surprised to know there is a simple DIY solution that does not require any messy building work, and still lets you keep your natural light.

Frosted window film is a quick and cheap solution. It is easy to apply yourself and allows you to feel a sense of privacy in your own home, without having to replace glass or use blinds that block out all the light. For any ground floor windows, you can actually add more security to your home by obscuring your valuables from view. When choosing a window film remember that you can customise it however you want, use it as an opportunity to find something that fits with your space.

6. Easily Update Furniture

Choose a piece of old furniture, sand it, repaint it and wait for it to dry. However, if you want a really simple way of giving old furniture an update you can just replace the drawer knobs or cabinet handles. Even if you are repainting, this is a nice step to do at the end. When it comes to furniture knobs, most of the standard ones are just that, standard and boring. Head to a second-hand shop or an antique shop and you will often find exciting and colourful handles you can repurpose.


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