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7 Things To Do To Make Your Home More Secure

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We’ve compiled a list of 7 actions, based on recent Statistics, to improve your Homes Security.

1. Don’t Make it Easy!

Over 160 cases of ‘keys being fished’ through letterboxes every year. The fact is, the easiest way to steal a car is by stealing the keys. The practice of leaving keys on the stairs or hall table is irresistible bait (forgive the pun) particularly if there is a letter box in the door.

2. Lighten Up

Nearly 50% of all burglaries happen through the rear of the house. Garda Statistics shows that front doors are the most common entry point in 29% of burglaries. However, burglars gain entry through the rear windows 24% of the time and back doors 26%. As well as that, almost half burglaries during the winter occur between 5pm and 11pm. Sensor activated lights are a very effective deterrent and can act as a pre-warning of intruders in your garden.

3. Update your Locks

Brute Force is the number one method used to gain entry. Burglars most commonly use their body to force entry into homes through doors and windows. There are a range of cylinders and locks with extra hooks and grabbers which can be retrofitted to most uPVC doors. However, the best defence is to update to “high security anti–snap” locks with restricted key copying. This improves your overall security rating and acts as a deterrent for would be intruders.

4. Lock it Down

Burglars don’t like carrying tools. They would far sooner use yours, taken from your shed, or using the ladder you meant to return to your neighbour last year! Go out into your back garden and pretend you’re locked out. What would you do?

What are the easiest points to get in? Windows accessible from a flat roof and sliding patio doors are particularly vulnerable and there are a range of simple products which beef up the security on these. Are there tools or ladders available? If so a decent padlock and bolt for the tool shed and a hardened chain and padlock locked to a ground anchor solves that.

5. Get a Monitored Alarm

While undoubtedly some home burglaries are the work of opportunists most have carried out at least some scoping out, including knocking on the door to see if somebody is in, and banging against windows to see if the alarm is set. If an alarm goes off and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise? The fact is, any alarm is only as good as the response it gets, and an un-monitored alarm is likely to be ignored, giving the burglar plenty of time to get in and out. Equally, if a monitored alarm has no perimeter protection and waits until the burglar is inside till is activates, it’s too late! Do get a Monitored Alarm. Do Not engage a mate’s mate who fits alarms as “nixers”. Apart from it being illegal it is very poor value in the long run.

6. Get Home Insurance

Should you still have a security breach you should be protected financially. Crime figures, show that untraceable items such and cash and gold are the most targeted items, however, easily transported electronics are also popular. The loss here can be more than the value of the item and personal information & privacy and irreplaceable photos. Getting the right Insurance policy cover is key. Reach out to our partners at Dooley Insurance for a free quote.

7. Let Them Know You Have Security!

Use highly visible warning decals. These are a great idea even if you don’t have an alarm system or a vicious dog in the home. The idea is to give the burglar the picture of a home that is more trouble than it’s worth.


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