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Do I need a survey when buying a house?

Updated: May 6, 2021

The objective of a Building Survey is to identify any particular problems that may exist with a property before you complete the purchase of the property. An experienced Building Surveyor will be able to cast an expert’s eye over the building with the possibility that they may pick up things that you have missed.

Building Surveys are sometimes referred to as Level 3 Building Surveys or Full Structural Surveys. They provide a comprehensive report on the property’s construction and condition. A Building Survey is recommended for older houses or houses that may have problems however they can be applied to any age of property and are particularly helpful for dilapidated properties and those that have been extensively altered. Building Surveys are also useful if you plan to renovate or convert the property.

For (newer) properties with no clear and obvious defects a Level 2 Home Buyer Report is recommended. This is not as detailed as a Level 3 Building Survey Report but offer you that level of assurance that an expert Surveyor has reviewed the property and they will highlight any areas of concern that require a more in-depth investigation.

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Please note that a Building Survey does not normally include a valuation.


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