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Fire Safety Guidelines for your Home

Did you know that you are 4 times more likely to die in a fire if you do not have a smoke alarm that works.

  • 35 people die each year because their smoke alarm is not working

  • Approximately 50% of home fires are caused by cooking accidents

  • 2 fires a day are started by candles (not very romantic)

  • Every 6 days someone in the UK dies from a fire caused by a cigarette

  • 2 fires a day are started by heaters

  • Faulty electrics from appliances, dodgy wiring and overloaded plug sockets causes around 6,000 fires in the home across the UK every year

Fire safety and protection should be high on your agenda and we recommend the following steps at a minimum to ensure you home is safe:

  1. Fit at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home

  2. Ten-year sealed battery smoke alarms are the best option

  3. Test your smoke alarms at least monthly

  4. If any of your smoke alarms have a one year battery, make sure it is changed every year

  5. Only take the battery out when you need to replace it

  6. Fire blankets are best kept in the kitchen and should be used to put out a fire or wrap a person whose clothes are on fire

  7. Fire extinguishers are simple to use and can help control a fire; But always read the instructions first

  8. Heat alarms can detect fires in kitchens where smoke alarms should not be placed

Creating good habits will offer additional protection and ensure that you do not forget to do things. We recommend the following bedtime checks:

  1. Close all the inside doors - Closed doors slow down a fire!

  2. Un-plug appliances that use electricity (Fridges and freezers are ok though)

  3. Ensure the cooker is off

  4. Do not leave the washing machine on at night

  5. Turn off heaters

  6. Put a fireguard around the fireplace

  7. Put keys where everyone can find them

  8. Put candles and cigarettes out properly

For more guidance about how to make a home safe from fire visit


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