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What is all about?

Get House Survey provides a no hassle way to help house buyers find a Surveyor to do a Condition Report, Home Buyer Report or Full Structural Report online. We only use experienced vetted Surveyors, have one Fixed Price, and provide no hassle, Bank and Financial Institute Approved Surveys.


We connect the nearest available Surveyor to buyers needing a house survey.


We are to the housing industry what the Uber app is to people needing a taxi or what Just-Eat is to hungry people wanting takeaway food.

Providing quality service, fast turnaround time and connecting buyers to local Surveyors is key to our business model.

What is the Price of a Home Buyer Survey?

We use a fixed price model of £599 including VAT for a standard Level 2 Home Buyer Report. That includes the visit arrangement, site visit (min 1 hour), the report and a follow-up phone call if requested by the client.

Who are We?

We are a group of professionals working together to benefit other like-minded professionals.

How the Surveyor Benefits?

  1. We are built to benefit small to medium size Surveyor businesses 

  2. By working with us and other Surveyors we offer scale that cannot be achieved by a small business on their own

  3. We are building a high-ranking website so people searching online for a survey can quickly find us

  4. We plan to be the number 1 Google search result in the UK for Home Buyer Surveys

  5. We are investing heavily in SEO, Google AdWords and digital marketing

  6. We offer you exposure to people searching for a Surveyor in your area

  7. We offer the ability to take secure online payments
  8. We guarantee payment with no price negotiations

  9. All payments are secure using Stripe technology

  10. You can be safe in the knowledge that there is a restricted number of professionals allowed to operate in each area

  11. We ensure all professionals have been vetted and no “cowboys” are operating on

  12. We offer you the opportunity to upsell other services to clients such as Certificates of Exemption, Compliance, Planning Applications etc

How much does a Surveyor get per survey?

All payments are taken online and paid to the Surveyor, less commission, weekly. For a Home Buyer Report the Surveyor will receive £500 per survey. For a Full Structural Survey Report the Surveyor will receive £800 per survey.


We have made the conscious decision not to offer Level 1 Condition reports as they consume too much time to prepare and do not pay the surveyors enough for their time and effort.


Surveyors are responsible for their own tax contributions.

What is the commission used for?

The site commission is used to cover transaction charges, website developers, maintenance, SEO, PPC and essentially national and international scale.

How does it work?

  1. You will receive a job offer via email

  2. First surveyor in that area to reply “accept” will win the job

  3. Complete contact details for real estate agent and property are then sent to you so that you can arrange access to conduct the survey

  4. You inform us of the time and date the survey has been booked for - We'll inform the customer

  5. You conduct the survey and write up the report

  6. You upload the completed survey when you are finished

  7. We'll deliver it to the customer and arrange payment to you

Is there Artificial intelligence (AI) behind

Powering is what we call our Surveyor Assignment Machine, or SAM. SAM takes several factors into account when offering and assigning jobs to surveyors. Factors include location of property, areas covered by the Surveyor, previous Surveyor feedback rating, previous Surveyor turnaround time as well as many more.

Why would / am I being offered surveys outside of areas I said I cover?

SAM is always trying to learn and ensure we meet customer’s needs. If we have low coverage or cannot assign to the local Surveyor, SAM will make a second-round offer to surveyors on the periphery to try get a match.

Accepting offers outside of your areas boosts your Surveyor rating and improves the chances of getting first round offers in the future.

How many Surveyors are on-board?

Limited places are available country wide to ensure adequate coverage but maintain high quality service and value for the professionals that are part of the team. We are already recruiting around the country. However, we need more Surveyors to have quality coverage. Sign up today to find out more.

How much does it cost to sign up to the platform as a Surveyor?

To sign up to as a Surveyor it will only cost £25 per month on a subscription basis. Getting one survey alone from the platform will instantly cover your years subscription. We offer a 30 day free trial before the subscription begins to give us time to establish an SEO presence in the areas you cover.

Why is there a subscription cost as a Surveyor?

The biggest issue we foresee is those Surveyors “committing” to participate but failing to actually be active on the platform. This has a negative impact on both the buyers looking for a quick response and the Surveyors that are actually active on the platform.

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