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Interview with Ciaran from the Crazy House Prices Instagram Page - The Get House Podcast Episode 6

If you're on Instagram and interesting in housing, then you've probably come across the Crazy House Prices Instagram page.

This page pokes a fun but critical finger at the housing market in Ireland. Highlighting everything from outrageously priced properties to listing price drops, the help-to-buy scheme's failings and much more!

The man behind the page is Ciaran Mulqueen. A teacher from Dublin. We chat with Ciaran and hear about his own house buying journey so far, what prompted him to start the page and we get to hear some of the unique insight he has learned about the housing market in Ireland while running the page.

From 6 foot wide houses to dreams of chickens in the back garden, this episode has it all. So stick on the kettle and have a listen!   

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Crazy House Prices Patreon where you can support Ciaran and get access to some exclusive content is here -->

Just for fun, check out the 6-foot wide house which started it all, here -->

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The Get House Podcast is a podcast by and our team. We really hope you enjoy it and that it helps you along your house buying journey. If you have any topics or questions you would like us to cover in a future episode you can email and we’ll do our best to make that happen for you.


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