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Interview with Shay Lally - Buying a House to Renovate/Restore - The Get House Podcast Episode 7

A new home isn't for everyone. But when you are buying a 2nd hand home there is a good chance it'll need some work which you will need to take on. This could be small, maybe it needs some restoration work or maybe you are just happy to get in and see what happens. There are some big decisions to be made and you should have as much knowledge before buying the house as you can. That's where this episode will help. Our guest for this episode is Shay Lally. Shay is a quantity surveyor and the man behind the Houses to Restore Ireland, Instagram page. In his career and through his company Cubic Group, Shay has worked on the restoration of thousands of homes in Ireland and so has probably just about seen it all!

We’ll learn about what to look out for and consider when buying a 2nd hand home, what the biggest trend in home renovation is at the moment, what red flags you should potentially avoid, and lots in between! If you are on Instagram, make sure to give House to Restore Ireland a follow… If you are considering a renovating project, make sure to give Shay and Cubic Group a call for an initial chat. You can listen to this episode of The Get House Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts or click one of the links below!

The Get House Podcast is a podcast by and our team. We really hope you enjoy it and that it helps you along your house buying journey. If you have any topics or questions you would like us to cover in a future episode you can email and we’ll do our best to make that happen for you.


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