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Our Average Turnaround Time is Now Just 4 Days!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We know from talking to house buyers that one of the biggest factors in getting a house surveyed is the turnaround time. Buying a home is a long process and you don't want to be delayed any more than necessary!

With that in mind, we are delighted to announce that our average turnaround time for surveys over the last month is down to 4 working days. That means on average when a house buyer requested a survey from us, 4 working days later they had the completed survey in their email inbox.

In addition to our turnaround time, we also have the best surveyors in the country. When you purchase a survey from, the surveyor assigned to you will have years of experience, carry professional indemnity insurance and their work has been reviewed by our lead surveyor to ensure it is up to the highest standards.

If you are looking for a surveyor you can trust, upfront transparent pricing and the quickest turnaround times in the country, then you'll love using


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