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Get House Podcast Ep4 - House Buying Journey - Chrissy of First Time Buyers Ireland Facebook Group

In this episode, we chat with Chrissy Hughes who recently purchased in Cabra. Chrissy fills us in on the journey she went through, including initial rejection from the bank and waiting a full year being sale agreed before finally getting the keys.

Chrissy found the entire process (or lack of a process) so frustrating that she started the First Time Buyers Ireland Facebook group. This is a place where people could go and ask questions and get advice from people on the journey themselves or who had recently completed it. 

Today, the Facebook group is a thriving community of over 6k members and has helped countless people to navigate the house buying journey, get out the other side, and into their dream homes. 

Just search for "The Get House Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts or click one of the links below!

If you are on the journey, we can’t recommend First Time Buyers Ireland enough… search for it on Facebook or click the link below! 

First Time Buyers Ireland Facebook Group -


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